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What is BiB?

What is Born in Bombay?

Somewhere at the beginning of 2014, my husband Robert and I went on a trip to Nainital where we met a family who were expecting their fourth child. While on a walk together through the pristine forests of the Kumaon foothills, I asked our expecting friend where she was planning to give birth and she said, “at home, with a midwife.”

This wasn’t completely news to me, as we have other friends who have chosen to give birth at home, sometimes in water. But this was the first time I met a hopeful ‘homebirther’ in person and in India. When I asked her why she was choosing to do this, she said:

“Well, sometimes hospitals don’t recommend the most helpful things in childbirth.”

“Like what?” I asked. “Can you give me an example?”

“For example, they make you lay flat on your back during labour and this isn’t the most logical thing to do. You need gravity to help you bring the baby down.”

It was a lightbulb moment for me. But it really shouldn’t have been. I mean, can it get more obvious than that?

I was determined to find out why today, childbirth conjures images of fear and danger in our minds when it should be a normal physiological (with a touch of miraculous) aspect of life.

In my quest, I have discovered books and films which I hope to point you towards through BiB Reviews, as well as online communities of women around the world who are not fearful of birth and speak out for the restoration of dignity and respect in maternity care. I also found, to my utmost delight, highly qualified and experienced professionals who have been patiently answering all my urgent questions pertaining to childbirth since I first met them at a Waterbirth Conference in early 2015. They are Lina Duncan, Nhing Castillo and Rekha Gurung who comprise Mumbai Midwife, and for 8 years they have been quietly and faithfully helping women in Mumbai to live out the change that Born in Bombay hopes to encourage.

Born in Bombay believes that birth is a sacred experience for all involved and exists to inspire positive change in the culture of birth in India through photo-essays, short films, interviews and the written word.

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“Beauty is a catalyst for change” – Laura Iannuzzi, Midwife